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Outdoor Games That Won’t Ruin Your Lawn

At Blanton Services, everything we do is with lawn on the mind- even our leisure time. Outdoor games are one of the best parts of summer, but unappealing grass patches sure aren’t. Summer activities often include lawn damaging games. We have compiled a list of games you love and alternatives to try that will keep your lawn looking Blanton Services worthy.

Baseball: Swap Rubber Bases for Hula Hoops

A game that has continued to entertain all ages throughout time is baseball. Whether it is tee-ball, wiffleball, or even kickball the variations of this game all have the same concept. Propel the ball as far as possible and get to each base before returning home. All you need are four bases, a ball, and an object to swing with. Over the years, we noticed that rubber bases leave bald spots on your lawn. To Blanton Services, this is not something we can ignore; so we came up with a solution! Instead of flopping those rubber bases onto your precious lawn, lay four hula hoops in a diamond shape. The hula hoops keep the grass exposed while creating a space that must be tagged in order to stay safe in the game.

Swap Slip & Slides for Sprinklers

Outdoor water games are the most anticipated activities of the summer. Slip and slides are one of the most popular games while also being one of the worst offenders of lawn assault. The combination of moisture, weight, and constant sliding leaves the grass beneath the tarp flattened, muddy, and disturbed.

A fun and new alternative to this is using a sprinkler. Now, we’re not talking about your typical sprinkler, we suggest an upgrade. Blow-up, arch sprinklers are perfect for those hot days when you need a bit of water and a lot of fun. The arch provides minimum lawn surface area coverage and the sprinkler allows for everyone to run through the water, creating the same movement as a slip and slide

Instead of Corn Hole, Try Ladder Golf

Sometimes games have different shapes and names but follow the same rules. In cases like these, we always suggest choosing the game with the least amount of lawn damaging risk. Corn hole is a fun and crowd-pleasing game, however, its heavy wooden legs and large surface coverage make for a risky landscape decision. Instead, we suggest trying ladder golf.

Each game involves the same underhand throwing motion, a points system based on accuracy, and the number of players.

Water Fight: Swap Balloons for Squirt Guns

As a kid playing with water balloons in the summer came second nature. However, they take so much time to fill up individually, and the clean-up takes longer than the fight itself. In our opinion, the reward is not worth the risk.

We surveyed our customers and the overwhelming majority said they prefer using water guns. Having a water war is much more fun because the game lasts longer since water guns are reusable. Water wars also require zero cleanups. It’s all fun without the mess and prevents balloon debris from getting stuck in your equipment on mow day!